Miacare Introduces First Silicone Hydrogel Color Daily Contact Lens in Hong Kong2022-10-26
Miacare join hands with Oculus Private Limited to launch Miacare and its line ups of silicone hydrogel contact lens in Hong Kong on June 14. This move further expands Miacare’s global foothold with its growing customer basis in Asia.  
Micare has rolled out CONFiDENCE Daily Contact Lens, the first color daily silicone hydrogel contact lens in Hong Kong, CONFiDENCE Monthly Contact Lens and DELiGHT Daily/Monthly Contact Lens.
The high Oxygen transmissibility of Miacare CONFiDENCE Daily/Monthly Contact Lens is as high as Dk/t 150 and Dk/t187.5 respectively, allowing comfortable wearing experience in long hours. The pattern naturally blends your eye color to shine your confidence through the captivating glance.
Miacare DELiGHT Daily/Monthly Contact Lens satisfies the needs of whole-day comfort with high Oxygen transmissibility of Dk/t 150 (Daily) and Dk/t187.5 (Monthly) to ensure clear vision and better corneal health.
More than 120 optometrists from near 100 optical shops attended the launch dinner to understand Miacare and features of the first color daily silicone hydrogel contact lens. With the addition of the Hong Kong market, Miacare is now available in six markets- China, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.