Steps for Maintaining Your Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are for one-time use and should be disposed of after use. These lenses do not require cleaning. Other types of disposable lens which are used over a longer period of time can house micro-organisms or build up deposits, possibly causing eye infections or discomfort if not cleaned properly. Therefore, it is important to clean and maintain the contact lens regularly, following these 4 steps:

Step 1: Wash Your Hands Wash both hands thoroughly before removing the lens.

Step 2: Rub and Clean Drip 3 to 5 drops of contact lens solution on the lens, rub both sides gently for 10 seconds with the bulb (fleshy part) of your index finger, then wash the lens with cleaning solution for 5 seconds on both sides to remove any residue. Cleaning and sterilizing correctly can kill the bacteria and microorganisms that cause eye diseases.

Step 3: Soak and Sterilize After cleaning the lenses, place them in the lens case and fill it with fresh contact lens solution, and screw on the cap tightly. You can wear them again after soaking for six hours.
If you don’t need to wear the lenses right away, they can be stored in an unopened case for 30 days. If they are stored more than 30 days, please clean and sterilize them again with fresh contact lens solution before wearing them. Once you put the lens in your eyes, the used solution must be disposed of, do not use the solution repeatedly.

Step 4: Clean and Change the Case A frequently used lens case is more likely to contain dirt or to be contaminated. It is essential to clean the case daily and replace it with a new one every three months. This could greatly reduce the possibility of eye diseases occurring.