Contact Lens FAQs Answered by Yi Chen Sun M.D

1. Could patients use eye drops while wearing contact lens? It is advised for patients to stop wearing contact lenses while using medicated eye drops. The eye drops could cause deposits on the contacts, changing colors and materials of your contact lenses.

2. Can I swim with contact lenses? Wearing contact lenses while swimming should be avoided as it leaves your eyes vulnerable to contaminate by harmful bacteria and chemicals presenting in the water. Wearing nearsighted swimming goggles is a better choice for a clear vision during swimming.

3. Is there any indication on contact package that consumers should be aware of when buying contact lenses? Regulation number issued by authority is necessary. Also, consumers could pay attention to the material of their contacts - which is made of hydrogel or silicone hydrogel- for choosing the contacts of needs.

4. As an eye professional, what is your advice for those who watch digital screens more than eight hours per day? Kids under two years old should never use digital screens. Screen time for children over two years old should be limited within one hour per day, and 10-minute break is necessary after using 30 minutes.
In addition, eyes could be over-exposed to blue light when using digital devices too long. Hence, blue light blocking protections on mobile screen, PC display or contact lenses could be considered to use.

5. How do consumers choose contact lenses from a myriad of online and offline stores? Buying contact lenses online should be avoided. Professional prescription with a detailed examination and evaluation followed by regular check-ups can ensure wearing contact lenses comfortably and healthy.

6. Contact lenses are mainly made of Hydrogel and Silicone hydrogel. Could you elaborate the advantage of silicone hydrogel, which is on the rise as the mainstream? Silicone hydrogel is one type of materials used in contact lenses. Silicone is added to enhance the Oxygen transmissibility which can considerably decrease the problems associated with corneal hypoxia.

7. What is your professional advice toward cosmetic lenses which are popular in young generation? Cosmetic lenses should be avoided to wear. However, if you sometimes need cosmetic lenses, you should notice whether regulation numbers are indicated on the package. Also, user instruction regarding wearing period or lens cleaning must be obeyed.