Miacare x Yi Chen Sun M.D- Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Do you know how to use contact lenses in a healthy way? Some best advices from Ophthalmologists 

Episode 1: Could patients use eye drops while wearing contact lens?

Episode 2: Can I swim with contact lenses?

Episode 3: Is there any indication on contact package that consumers should be aware of when buying contact lenses??

Episode 4: What is your advice for those who watch digital screens more than eight hours per day?

Episode 5: How do consumers choose contact lenses from a myriad of online and offline stores?

Episode 6: Contact lenses are mainly made of Hydrogel and Silicone hydrogel. Could you elaborate the advantage of silicone hydrogel?

Episode 7: What is your professional advice toward cosmetic lenses which are popular in young generation?

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